• What to do ? When Health insurance Claim Arise ?

    You are about to be Hospitalized What to do now ?
    First Step
    Get admitted in any one of networked hospitals
    Problem No 1
    When there is emergency, How to see whether hospital is on Network or not ?
    Solution No. 1
    Call Toll free no of the Insurance company and share your Pin code
    Ask nearest Network hospital in that area
    Step no 2
    Fax the pre-authorisation form along with relevant documents (Investigation reports, Previous consultation papers if any, Cashless ID, Photo ID)
    Problem No 2
    I am not carrying all these documents
    Solution No. 2
    Be Proactive Once in life , Claim is bound to happen, so keep scan of your Id proofs on mail .
    Always keep latest policy copy on mail.
    Step 3
    Your Insurance Company will reviews your claim request and accordingly will approve, query or reject the same (as per policy terms & conditions)
    Problem No 3
    Company is taking lot of time. I am waiting for last 6 hours Will it be approved ?
    Solution No 3
    Approval Process is a liability for Insurance Company. So they Scrutinize every details Company can send a query to hospital so it gets delayed. It varies from Case to Case. Be Patient
    Make sure to fill up the mobile number in pre-authorisation form
    Non-payable items have to be borne by the Insured
    In case of cashless denial, the Insured has to pay the hospitalisation expenses
    In case of planned surgery, send the pre-authorisation form in advance ( but not before 15 days from the admission date)
    Problem No 4
    Claim is not fully paid
    Solution no 4
    Check Policy sub limits before you buy. In all cases, Non-payable items have to be borne by the Insured